Company History

Our Organization

Programs Abroad are focused on the mission to provide a better quality of life and health services to communities and cities in need. We are based in Cusco with many off branches worldwide and locally based offices with experienced staff members. We provide low and affordable volunteering and internships abroad each focused on learning and showing our unique purpose on how important it is to help others. We believe that any type of volunteering or internships whether it be short or long term can create a positive impact on the future.

Julio paniura, CEO of Programs Abroad

Organizations origins

Julio Paniura, DDS, founder of Programs Abroad. He dedicated himself to building a stable organization from the ground up. Today, Programs Abroad is catering to volunteers and interns worldwide.


Our organization today

    Programs Abroad cater to volunteers and interns wanting to create change for the world itself. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best for our volunteers and interns as well as the local communities, cities and its people. We focus on creating change for the better to contribute services that these places need. Programs abroad has locally based offices in each of its destinations worldwide. Our staff members are locals that know the area and have experience working with volunteers and interns.

Our organization future

  Programs Abroad are still working on establishing a stable foundation for these places and its current projects. It is our goal to work with different partnerships as well so our organization can grow in all aspects. We want to help change the world while helping others learn valuable skills for everyday life challenges. Programs Abroad currently work with local businesses, schools, institutions and communities outreach programs.




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