FAQ before travelling overseas

Frequent Questions and Answers before traveling

 Programs Abroad works as an international organization, we have taken the liberty to choose the most asked questions we have gotten. These questions are related to programs, projects, traveling, how we work, processes, and requirements. Here are some questions we have been asked by volunteers:

How do I pick the right organization to be a volunteer, intern, or learn Spanish with?

It is always a hard choice to find a great organization to volunteer, intern, or learn Spanish especially when traveling abroad. Here are some ways that can help you find the perfect organization with:

Everyone should do their own research on the many organization out there. There is a perfect fit for you and by looking online or through your university, you can potentially find one. Programs Abroad are one of the few organization that offer low and affordable programs for students in many fields of study. We offer internships and offer the small scholarship through the organization itself for those who are very passionate about wanting to make a difference.

participants can also contact programs abroad online and talk to a program advisor, who will be able to clarify any concerns or questions they may have regarding programs or travel abroad. Students who are looking for a more comfortable route in traveling abroad can ask for special arrangements. 

How will I benefit going abroad as a volunteer?

Volunteers will often wonder how can I benefit from volunteering abroad? What will I get out of it? Volunteers will benefit immensely from volunteering whether it be the short or long term.The impact they create by giving a bit of personal time to help others will, in the long run, make the biggest difference for many communities and its people in need.  

Programs Abroad will support from beginning to the end of their adventure abroad. Our advisors and staff are available 24/7 for any concerns or questions that may arise.

Another benefit is the cultural factor is that students will stay with a host family to learn about a new culture. This will help gain insight into life from a different angle along with learning the local language. Apart from this, volunteers will also get three meals per day as part of the host family experience.

What does my money go towards?

All registration and program fees go towards the following:

Food for those who will be staying with a host family, this includes three meals per day, accommodation, airport transfers, supervision, and support. A small portion of your program fees will also go towards local community outreach programs.

What will my volunteer location be like?

Volunteer locations will depend on the program of your choice. Every location, we offer to volunteers is safe and secure. We do not offer programs in unsafe surroundings for the security reasons. All locations have base offices, where volunteers can go at any time to check in.

What happens when I leave?

Once you have applied to a program, a program advisor will be in touch with you. Our program advisors are locally based and have experience in their field. They will be helping you throughout your application process, getting ready to travel and settling in when you arrive at your destination. Program advisors will be helping your get documents, in order, as well as placing you with the perfect fit within the various choices of programs we offer.

Will there be someone I can talk to at any time?

Our staff is available 24\7 for any questions or concerns that might arise throughout your trip. Once in a volunteer destination, you will touch base at one of our local offices, where you will get the opportunity to meet our staff and your volunteer advisor in person.

What is the visa process like?

Visas for the destinations we offer will depend on your country of origin. The visa process usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks. After which, you will be able to enter the destination country. There are some countries that visas will not be required depending on country of origin. To find out more about if you will require a visa, look at your government travel website.

Where do I stay throughout my trip?

Volunteers have the choice to stay with a local host family. The host family option offers volunteers the opportunity to immerse in the local culture by living it. Volunteers will be in a safe place with a clean private room and be provided three meals per day throughout their program stay. All host families are been screened throughout our process for safety and security reasons. For those who want separate accommodations, meals will not be provided and you will be responsible for maintaining your private room or apartment clean. 

What vaccinations will I need?

 Depending on what program you will be joining, will determine what vaccinations you will be required to obtain. It is recommended to get vaccinations through your personal physician. For those who will be joining in the medical, healthcare or environment programs, you will be required to obtain the yellow fever vaccination. Please consult your program advisor for more information on what type of vaccinations will be required before traveling abroad.

Do I need to speak the local language?

We recommend to learn the local language to a basic level of being able to communicate as it will make things easier. We also offer local language course for an extra fee to those who want to learn the language while abroad. It is essential to learn a new language as it will help you communicate better and boost your professional and academic resume.

What are the requirements for the programs?

The basic requirement for all of our programs are the following:

  • Be 18 or older
  • University students should be enrolled in a related program
  • Non-students should have a strong interest in related field
  • Be willing to make a commitment no matter how long your length of stay is.
  • Follow local work ethics and guidelines.

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