Getting sick abroad

Programs abroad is a once in a lifetime experience and sometimes these experiences come with minor issues such as health illnesses or emergencies. We can all avoid these types of things but it is always best to have a plan, just in case.Students should take into consideration some things about getting sick abroad to be prepared and not have any worries while traveling.

Support for any type of emergencies

One of our staff members will accompany the volunteer to a local clinic or hospital (depending on the medical situation). Your travel insurance will cover part or the whole cost of your medical expenses. Any cost that is not covered by your travel insurance has to be paid up front while at the clinic or hospital. We cannot cover your medical costs as it is not part of your program fee.   


How we handle health emergencies

One of our staff members will provide support to any student needing assistance during an emergency or health issue. This will include a contact to the volunteer relatives if needed. We offer 24/7 support at any time if any intern or volunteer needs assistance, information provided below:

Programs Abroad office address:  Av. Cultura 822, 2do Piso (2nd floor)

Wanchaq –Cusco, Peru

Phone number:   +51  84265911


Travel Insurance

As mentioned above, students are recommended to have travel insurance as emergencies can arise while traveling or in case of minor illnesses as well. There are many travel insurance provider within intern or volunteer’s country of origin. If a volunteer or intern chooses to not get travel insurance, costs will come out of volunteer’s pocket and in most clinics, payment is upfront before treatment can be provided. That being said, it is a better choice to get travel insurance before traveling anywhere.

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