Graduate students

If you are a graduate student and want to explore more about your future career while volunteering abroad at the same time, then we offer a perfect program for you! Our programs offer alternatives in lieu of a longer program; you can volunteer with classmates as a group or volunteer for a week or two. Volunteers will be able to volunteer in a specific program of their choice that is related to their field of study. Programs Abroad will offer volunteers Spanish lessons in order to better understand the local culture better and be able to communicate with their colleagues at their volunteer jobs. Learning a new language will also help volunteers with future career communication as it will be a vital skill to apply to future endeavors. Volunteers will get the opportunity to go on weekend excursions, which will include visiting local points of interests and participate in fun activities.


  • Must be 18 or older
  • University students must be enrolled in a program
  • Have required vaccinations


Start Dates

Our programs are available year-round in different locations worldwide. Changes to programs will depend on local holidays and climate (such as rainy season in a specific region). For more information on starting dates for a specific location, please contact us at the following: [email protected]. If you are enrolled or have an application in progress, you can also contact your volunteer advisor as well.



 Our volunteers´ safety is our top priority when overseas, that will why we focus on the following as part of our safety protocol:

Security: We take security overseas seriously, and that is why we only send volunteers to places that are safe and stable. We are constantly checking in different embassies to check travel alerts and any other issues regarding safety. Our staff members are locals that know that areas in which volunteers will be staying in.

Travel: Once a volunteer has been accepted into a program. One of our volunteer advisors will be in contact throughout the whole process from start to finish.This will ensure the safety and also check the volunteer up to date on everything related to their travel overseas. Volunteers will also be able to access personal information to their internships online and our organization guidelines.

Our Staff:  All of our destinations has local staff and safe facilities to provide our volunteers the best service and experience they can have while overseas. Each destination has a designated director in charge of everything that has to do with local programs and projects. Staff is trained and kept up to date on everything from emergency protocols, to safety measures, and communicating in different languages to better cater to volunteers. Our staff follows a strict criteria in placement and accommodating volunteers before coming overseas.  All of our staff members are available 24/7 by phone or if necessary in person (depending on concern).

Accommodation:  We placed volunteers with host families and all of our host families have to pass a certain clearance to be able to participate in our programs. Staff members will check in on volunteers to make sure everything is running smoothly or if volunteers have concerns regarding accommodation. All of the accommodation are clean and hygienic. We advise volunteers to know the basics of speaking the local language of destination to better communicate with the host family.

Health and Insurance: Volunteers are advised to have travel insurance before traveling overseas. This will help with the full or partial coverage of health-related emergencies or issue while abroad. In case of any health emergency, there will always be a staff member available to assist with the hospital or clinic arrangements as well as be able to translate.

More Info

 Programs Abroad and staff members are constantly looking for ways to improve the impact our medical and healthcare projects have on developing countries.

 We are always assessing all of our programs and projects to find ways to better and grow in all aspects.  We use some of the following ways to improve:

  • Establish our purpose and goals to our locations.
  • Keep track of our mission and values so they are understandable to all of our workers as well as our volunteers.
  • Create and document daily tasks our volunteers do to see the bigger picture this is creating on our organization´s purpose.
  • Give more definition to each volunteer’s work.
  • Make sure that there are consistency and sustainability in the work of our thousands of volunteers.
  • Help analyze and survey our impact on each project.


 This will help us as an organization to thrive and develop into a stable basis for many local projects. Programs Abroad strive to provide the better possible services to give back towards the locals and communities among other projects surrounding the main cities as well.


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