Host Family

  The student who wants to immerse themselves in a culture fully is recommended staying with a host family. Programs Abroad works with the local host family that provides Students with a private room and access to a shared bathroom. Apart from this, three meals per day will be provided (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).  Students staying with a host family will have to follow host family rules and curfews if any. This is all part of the experience of staying with a host family that will be considered like a second family.


   What are some benefits that volunteers will gain from living with a host family?

  • Cultural exchange- By living with a host family volunteers will better understand the local cultures, how they work, how the people act and think and how to communicate more easily.
  • Safety- All of our families are carefully chosen through our secure process to better provide volunteers with safety, comfort and a sense of family while abroad. 
  • Cleanliness- every single room will be hand to students in a clean state. All of host families houses are secure and in safe neighborhoods. Our staff members will conduct regular checkups to ensure volunteers and interns are at home.


We want all of our students to feel comfortable and safe while abroad. That will why screen all of the families that want to work with us to make sure their homes are located in safe and secure locations. We will never send any students to a host family that has not pass our screening.




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