How to go Abroad on a Budget?


Volunteering, internship or Spanish student abroad are doable on any budget. Programs Abroad are always applying new ways to maintain costs low and affordable for volunteers.Here are helpful tips and ways you can volunteer on a budget:

Compare options

Always compare prices in what you are looking for. Programs Abroad offer low affordable prices year round to make the participants experience a memorable one without having to empty your bank account.Take a look at the programs we offer and find one fit for you:

Program abroad offers programs in Teaching, Childcare, Sports, Elderly Care, Medical and Healthcare, Special Needs Care, Agriculture and Farming, Animal Care and Wildlife, Construction and Renovation and Environment and Conservation.

We offer the following programs for interns: Medical and Healthcare, Elective for medical students, Gastronomy, Hospitality and Tourism, Laws and Human rights, Micro Business, Journalism, Veterinarian Medicine, and Archaeology.

We offer the following programs for students who want to learn Spanish: Spanish courses, Business Spanish, Medical Spanish and our student are fully immersed in the programs.


Consider long-term programs

We recommend to join a program for as long as you can but why consider long-term volunteering?  You will be able to make a better contribution to a program as skills and relationships will form a deeper bond. This will help communities gain more trust in order to understand better the impact the programs will be creating for them. Trip costs will lower as sometimes with short-term trips, costs will be higher.


Evaluating costs

 Depending on the program of choice, we will be able to work with you to make payments. They can be made in two or three parts throughout your trip. We do require a deposit for your application, this deposit will go towards your program´s total cost. Volunteers will need to be aware of the currency difference in the places they will go to. This will help with keeping track of how much things are and how much they would need to budget for during their time here. Keep in mind ATM fees are different in every location. Volunteers will need to inform themselves about currency changes in order to keep track of their budget while abroad. Volunteers can find this information online or talk to one of our staff members.


Extra costs

Programs Abroad do not cover any additional costs that are outside of the program fee. Volunteers need to be aware that program fees do not cover any additional costs. Any additional activities not within program fees will not be covered. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to cover any additional expenses out of their own pocket. We are not responsible covering any additional fees, that are not included in program fees. Keep in mind that you will need about $ 50 to $300 dollars a month for extra costs.


Plan ahead

To make a memorable trip possible, volunteers need to plan ahead by informing themselves on everything such as flight prices, destination information, how much will thing costs in local currency, what to pack, and what important steps are required before heading to your future destination.  


What to pack

Volunteers are advised to bring items of importance with them. Examples are bed sheets, your favorite toiletries, certain snacks not found here, extra hiking items and clothes. This will make your stay more comfortable and also you will not spend too much while here. 

Programs abroad is always happy to offer help to potential and current volunteers regarding anything that might come up. Please feel free to contact us at the following:




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