Internship abroad



Programs abroad offers students internships in Medical and Healthcare, Elective for medical students, Law and Human right, Gastronomy, Journalism, veterinarian and animal care, Micro Business, and Archeology. These internships are focused on helping university students understand their current career goals while gaining hands-on experience. Interns will have the chance to put their skills to work with the local professionals within their chosen field of study to intern in. Programs abroad will help interns throughout their internship abroad to help attain professional skill to apply towards their career


Interns will have the basic training and orientation according to their program. Staff members will be helping interns adjust throughout their internship abroad and provide support as well. Our orientation training will last about a week or so after which interns will be ready to join their workplace.


Programs Abroad place interns into programs, pending on their application. Programs along with programs are made to focus on different areas. Intern in Medical, Dental, Nursing, Midwifery, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Speech Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Pharmacy, and Psychology, depending on experience or willingness, will be placed into these programs and projects to help with our mission.





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