International Internships 2019


Internships abroad are a great opportunity to expand travel and professional development. Interns will have the chance to participate in day to day work environment while earning college credits to add to their resume.  Our internship abroad programs are available year round.  We offer spring, summer and Winter breaks as well for those looking for a shorter time frame.  Our programs vary in length of time. We place interns with highly qualified professionals in their fields and we except our interns to act accordingly to the situtation at all times. What can be gained in doing a study abroad internship:

  • Professional and academic development
  • Credit for classes
  • Learning about a new culture and language


We offer internship programs abroad in the following Medical, Dental, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Phycology, Midwifery, Speech Therapy, Pharmacy, and Occupational therapy, Journalism, Law and Human Rights, Archaeology, Veterniary Medicine, Gastronomoy, Education and electives for medical students. Depending, on experience or willingness, interns will be placed into these programs.

We also help with providing accomodations, airport transfers, placement into programs that are matched according to skills and experience,intern support 24/7 and more.  Programs abroad offers the best internship abroad out there as we offer support from the application process to the moment interns depart from internship destination.

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