Role:  Medical Interns will work closely with local doctors within clinics, hospitals, and community outreach projects. Interns, who are still exploring what field to specialize in, will have the opportunity to shadow local doctors to gain medical knowledge. We look for interns to have specific experience in order to work in certain fields. We require interns to be able to speak a basic level of Spanish in order to better communicate with others.


  • According to medical intern’s work experience, training progress, and Spanish knowledge, this should be at a level of understanding in order to communicate.
  • We require doctors to have a degree, be a college graduate or in their last year of a medical program.
  • There will be certain projects that will not be able during the year due to doctor’s availability.
  • Doctors will be provided a work area, depending on work location, which will be shared with local doctors.

*For more details or if you have any concerns regarding this internship, please free feel to contact us.*

Internship Information: Medical interns will gain a global point of view by work experience aboard within the medical field. Here are some areas our medical interns can work in: General medicine, Emergency, Pediatric Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Anesthesiology. They will acquire new medical knowledge working within different environments to help better the healthcare services provided to local communities. Our internship will differ depending on medical experience each intern has. Work areas will be provided depending on work location. Each intern will acquire new knowledge by working closely with the local doctors and patients.

What will my internship be like?

Your first day will look something like the following:

  • You will meet your supervisor along with our staff members, who will help your adjust to your work schedule. It is important that you show professionalism at work. If you want to change your role, you must give us advanced notice.
  • Your supervisor will ask about your prior skills and level of experience to know more about the role you will be conducting.
  • You will get a small tour of the work area and meet coworkers.
  • You will know more about your role in your workplace.

. Start Dates

Our internship programs are available year-round in different locations worldwide. Changes to internship programs will depend on local holidays, doctor’s availability, and climate (such as rainy season in a specific region). For more information on starting dates for a specific location, please contact us at the following:[email protected] If you are enrolled or have an application in progress, you can also contact your volunteer advisor as well.


Our interns´safety is our top priority when overseas, that will why we focus on the following as part of our safety protocol:

Security: We take security overseas seriously, and that is why we only send interns to places that are safe and stable. We are constantly checking in different embassies to check travel alerts and any other issues regarding safety. Our staff members are locals that know that areas in which interns will be staying in.

Travel: Once an intern has been accepted into an internship. One of our volunteer advisors will be in contact throughout the whole process from start to finish. This will ensure the safety and also check the intern up to date on everything related to their travel and internship overseas. Interns will also be able to access personal information to their internships online and our organization guidelines.

Our Staff:  All of our destinations has local staff and safe facilities to provide our interns the best service and experience they can have while overseas. Each destination has a designated director in charge of everything that has to do with local programs and projects. Staff is trained and kept up to date on everything from emergency protocols, to safety measures, and communicating in different languages to better cater to interns. Our staff follows strict criteria in placement and accommodating interns before coming overseas.  All of our staff members are available 24/7 by phone or if necessary in person (depending on concern).

Accommodation:  We placed interns with host families and all of our host families have to pass a certain clearance to be able to participate in our programs. Staff members will check in on interns to make sure everything is running smoothly or if interns have concerns regarding accommodation. All of the accommodation are clean and hygienic. We advise interns to know the basics of speaking the local language of destination to better communicate with the host family.

Placement: Our staff members work with our partners in the destinations offered to ensure the best service and support is offered to our interns.Our applicants are always regularly checked by our advisors who have experience in their field.

Orientation: All Interns will have a welcome orientation regarding the country and areas where will be staying for their trip. This will vary depending on destination but our welcome orientation includes the following:

  • A welcome packet that includes details of our local base, information on the area, and useful travel information.
  • A tour of our local base and the area such as local transportation.

Health and Insurance: Interns are advised to have travel insurance before traveling overseas. This will help with the full or partial coverage of health-related emergencies or issue while abroad. In case of any health emergency, there will always be a staff member available to assist with the hospital or clinic arrangements as well as be able to translate.

More Info

Programs Abroad is an independent organization that works with local partnership and community outreach programs to help better the current quality of lives. We want our interns to fully understand our mission and values and work on spreading it through the work they will do. We are always striving on keep up to date on newer ways want to grow and expand our organizations from training our employees to marketing to working with different partners that want to change the world for the better. Interns’ suggestions and ideas are always welcomed as we love to intake feedback to improve our services and programs

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