Internships in Micro Business Abroad


Interns will work side by side in the development or creation of small loans and business projects.This will also include helping local business owners and entrepreneurs to get their business started or help it grow more.


  • University students should be enrolled or have prior experience in business or related fields.
  • Have an avid interest in the business field


Internship Info

Our internship in microbusiness shows interns how to better help the world economically. Projects within the internships will focus on starting a business, small loans, and business development for communities and local organizations. Interns will be able to help create and develop goals for these places and individuals to sustain themselves on a daily and future basis. Interns will learn skills and tasks to apply in their future careers such tasks include: creating business plans, developing market strategies, conducting seminars and workshops.


From the start of the application process to the end of your internship abroad, we support interns throughout the help of the volunteer advisor. A volunteer advisor will place an intern into an internship program. Interns will be able to have access to many benefits and information through their volunteer advisor. Support is available 24/7 by phone or in person (depending on the situation).

Interns will have gained the experience with the business field by the end of their internships. They will be able to apply these skills to their practice while in school or while on the job. Business professionals are always welcomed to join our internships and also help interns gain a better understanding and view of the business world.


Start Dates

  • Our internship programs are available year-round in different locations worldwide.
  • Changes to internship programs will depend on local holidays, doctor’s availability, and climate (such as rainy season in a specific region).
  • For more information on starting dates for a specific location, please contact us.
  • If you are enrolled or have an application in progress, you can also contact your volunteer advisor as well.



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