Medical ethics and code of conduct

 Our medical programs and projects focus on providing health services to the low income population.  As part of our programs and projects, we require our volunteers and interns to follow all local medical ethics and codes of conduct in order to work under the compliance of certain clinics or hospitals. To ensure this is followed, we provide orientation and training reviewing these medical ethics and code of conduct.

Our Fundamentals

  • Our medical ethics along with appropriate behavior at all times are a must.
  • We work with local professionals who have years of experience within their field, and best qualified to make decisions on medical level.
  • The sole responsibility for patient care lies with the professionals within our projects. All of our volunteers and interns work under the supervision of these professionals and medical conducts and ethics at each workplace should be followed according to local laws and regulations.

What we except of our volunteers and interns

  • Be responsible throughout your volunteering or internship.
  • Be open to learn, observe and respect the local professional.
  • Your volunteer and internship is a commitment, please ensure you are ready to make this commitment before applying.
  • Respect your colleagues and patients as part of medical ethics and code of conducts. Always take into mind their best interest and privacy according to the place you are working in.
  • Be open to learn about new cultures and respect the differences within them. This applies to working with colleagues and patients.





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