Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Programs Abroad was established to help bring a better quality of life in the form of various types of health services. Services that are not available to the isolated communities surrounding many major cities. We offer specific volunteering abroad projects, in order, to create an immense impact on the communities.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide a better quality of life to communities as well as cities through the help of dedicated volunteers. We strive to provide health services each month in various locations. This will enable our mission to grow and expand more as we get more support from our volunteers.

Our Values

We focus on the following values: cultural exchange, growth, and tolerance.  These are our organization’s values and we always teach and apply them to our everyday lives.

Cultural exchange is important for our programs as it will help our volunteers better understand the local cultures, how they work, how the people act and think and how to communicate more easily. 

Growth is incorporated as it is everywhere we go, the places we go to need to grow to have a better and stable future. Its local people will grow by interacting with the many different volunteers we take to help in our projects. These places will be able to face the future with a strong foundation and daily living challenges with no fear.

Tolerance is taught in all countries and we teach it here too. It is very important for our volunteers to know how tolerance works in the different places they will be sent to. As each place has a different form of it, volunteers will need to be open-minded and flexible to be able to deal with the challenges they will face when they first arrive at their destination. In exchange, they will be able to teach their form of tolerance to the local people as well.

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