My program advisor


Our program advisor will be helping you from the start to the end of your stay throughout your program. Our advisor will inform and keep you up to date on everything you will need to know to make your stay the best experience within your destination. Once you have been formally accepted, you will have access to a comprehensive source of information and support for your trip. You will receive an introduction from your Advisor, who will be your primary point of contact with Programs Abroad until your departure.


What will volunteer advisor provide?

Our volunteer advisor will provide volunteers with the following:

  • Placement into language program
  • Placement into programs and projects
  • Support 24/7 regarding any concern or issue that may arise
  • Help of any type related to program or projects
  • Help to adjust to local life or with host family
  • Providing visa instructions and guidance


Who will be my volunteer advisor?

We have any staff members that work for our organization so depending on the type of program, your volunteer advisor will be matched. This will help students feel more at ease with the whole process as well as when they travel to their destinations.These qualified and experienced Programs Abroad staff-members contact volunteers to discuss the details of their trip, answer any questions, and address any concerns. They are always available by Skype or email and you will be able to stay in touch with them before you leave and while you are away.


Where will my volunteer advisor be based?

   All advisors are based locally and have experience in different areas of study. Advisors know the local areas and have the training to help volunteers and their placement within programs. They are available 24/7 at all times.


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