Our Impact

Our Impact

  What impact can one person make? Most people wonder about how short-term volunteering can make a difference. How can it create change in such little time?  Does short-term volunteering really create enough progress to make impact possible?  Does long-term volunteering really make a difference? The answer is yes. How? When many volunteers do a project within short or long term this applies to the projects ’goals and volunteers’ personal growth goals. That towards the end keeps continuing, this is what short-term and long-term volunteering achieves. 

Social Impact

    Volunteers will be placed within schools, institutions, communities and other locations that are in need. These places and people will receive the support they need in order to grow in all aspects including the social need. Volunteers will be able to help local professionals learn new skills to better their service towards their own community. Projects included some of the following: literacy for children, big brother or sister type of role models, teaching a new skill to a local professional, and more.

Environmental Impact

  Nowadays, some species are vulnerable as they are heading towards extinction. Our projects will be focus specifically to conserve and protect these unique species. Volunteers will learn that our environment is one of the main factors; our world needs to maintain in order to see it grow along with the rest of humanity. Volunteers will be able to become part of conservation projects as well as learning about caring for exotic flora and fauna. These new skills can be applied to volunteers’ home countries, in order to teach others how to conserve and protect our world.

Economic Impact

Our programs and projects are based in many branches worldwide with the focus on helping improve the economic factor within cities and communities in need. The projects, Programs Abroad, will focus on helping small businesses grow, tourism grow, and creating awareness to communities in need to create micro-businesses. These programs and projects will help the economy grow within the regions that need it most.


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