FAQ about programs abroad

Who can volunteer with us?

 Volunteers that are 18+, currently enrolled or university graduate, groups, families, current professionals, retired professionals, and anyone who wants to help make the world a little bit brighter!


Do I need to have a special level to get enrolled in a language course?

We need volunteers to have a level of understanding within the local language. We do not require you to speak it as we will provide a placement exam for volunteers.  We will provide volunteers with a local language speaking professor according to placement level.


How long with the language course be?

The language course will be about 1-2 hours per day according to the programs’ each volunteer is enrolled in.


How many students will be in each language course?

There will be 3-5 students in each class, depending on the month and how many volunteers there are at the time.  There will be months, where classes will have more students.


Can I choose what hours to take my language course?

 No, normally, our language courses are held between 2-4 pm.   We coordinate this according to programs and also because professors are available during these hours.


What is the difference between Volunteer abroad and others (companies)?

  We are a locally based organization with local staff members that provides  volunteers 24 /7 support as opposed to other organizations that are based worldwide and cannot provide 24/7 support.


How long can I volunteer for?

Peru offers different visa stays for each country please look at your government’s requirements for travel to Peru for more information.  Depending on the visa provided by Peru, we can accommodate you on the length of your stay.


Do I have be a certain nationality to volunteer?

We except all nationalities to come and join any of our programs and projects offered.


Do I need a visa?

Volunteers will have to check in with their country of origin before travelling to Peru, in order to know, if a visa is necessary.


Why do I need to pay for a program fee?

 We require a standard program fee with the exception to the Amazon programs (which will differ in price depending on length of stay).  The fees cover your accommodations, meals(if staying with host family), volunteering fees and materials needed (if applied),Spanish lessons, transportation depending on location, local tours if it is included in your fee and a small part being donated to local organizations and institutions.

What is included within the program fees?

 Programs include the following: accommodations, Airport pickup and drop off, Spanish lessons, meals (if staying with host family), tours if included in fee and fees for volunteering at local places.


What benefits will I get out of the programs offered?

Volunteers will get to help and serve others, to make a small difference in the world and gain valuable experience that you can apply in your professional and personal skills.


What are the requirements for volunteers?

All volunteers require speaking English, having a clean criminal background, the motivation to help and serve others and for certain projects, we will need certain requirements.


How old do I have to be to volunteer?

You have be 18 and older to volunteer with us.


Can I volunteer with my family or friends?

Yes, we invite groups of families and friends to volunteer with us to have an unforgettable experience.


Can I do a medical internship after I graduate the university?

 We accept graduates to do their internships with us. Our programs are designed to give further training within the medical field.  Volunteers will gain medical experience while expanding their professional skills.



Do I have to apply before a certain deadline for a program?

We require volunteers to sign up with us every Monday of each month as that is when new programs start. If you sign up after a Monday, we will simply have you start the following Monday.


What happens after I apply?

  One of our staff members will contact you regarding your application and provide you with more details about your chosen program.


Why aren’t these programs free?

Volunteering abroad is composed of many factors such as: accommodations, coordinating with local professionals for certain projects, food, etc.  We require program fees to cover these costs during your stay.


What vaccinations will I require?

Vaccination will depend on the chosen program; yellow fever vaccine is a must for volunteers. All inquiries regarding what vaccinations you will need can be found in your country of origin’s travel website. 


Do I need to speak the local language?

It is recommended speaking Spanish at a level of understanding.  Some volunteers that do not speak Spanish, we offer Spanish language courses. Volunteers speaking English only, will be able to integrate fully with other volunteers.


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