The majority of our programs require the following:

  1. Have a valid passport good for at least six months before travelling to Peru or other destination.
  2. Must be 18 or older
  3. Some programs will require certain vaccinations to enter the area, we will need a current copy of your vaccination records or when coming into the country, get the required vaccinations needed.
  4. If you have certain medical problems, please let us know so we can better accommodate you during your program stay.
  5. If you require a modified or special diet, please let us know to better accommodate you.  
  6. We advise that you have travel insurance before travelling overseas. To help cover for any medical expenses that might arise during your travels.


Language requirements


Although knowing the local language is not an official requirement, we strongly recommend to at least know the basics of the language to be able to communicate with locals and coworkers. We do offer language courses at affordable prices which can be added to your program fee.


Age requirements

We do not have a set age requirement for most of our programs but do start the age limit at 18 and older with the exception of high school students who should be 16 or older.




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