Terms and Conditions

Potential participants and current participants are advised to read our terms and condition to inform themselves on certain policies we have.  Please read carefully the following information as it is important. 


Refund Policy

 Once a participants has made their program fee, we will contact to participants to coordinate about their program details.  If a participants cannot make it to a program start date, we will need that participants to contact us within 2 weeks to coordinate with them.  If a participant cannot make it and needs to cancel, we will need the participant to contact us 2 months in advance in order to refund 50% of the program fee with the international banking fee taken out (which is 5 %).  Once participants are enrolled the program fee is non – transferable.  Participants cannot transfer their program fee to another person or company.  We use PayPal for refunds; PayPal charges a 5 % fee.  We also charge a 50 % fee for processing fees and cancellation fees.  Participants will need to send a letter explaining cancellation reasons.



Participants are required to have travel insurance while travelling abroad.  Every participants are responsible for acquiring their own travel insurance and what coverage they will provide you before coming to their destination.  Participants are required to provide us a copy of their travel insurance to verify you have it and also as a safety measure to be able to work within clinics and hospitals.



Every Participant is responsible for booking their own flights and other transportation costs within the country.  Airport transfers are included within the program fee.  Participants are responsible to bring documents that are needed when travelling abroad. Programs abroad does not provide documentation support for travel.  Please note: if any documents are lost throughout your travels to Peru or any other destinations, you are solely responsible to replace any lost documents. If is advisable to always carry copies of your original documents in case they get lost. Participants will need to have a valid passport for at least 6 months before travelling, for more information, please visit your country of origin’s government travel website to learn more about travel to Peru or any other destinations.


Changes of dates and length of stay

Once you are registered for your program and decide to change your start date or your length of stay, this change will cost $80 dollars. This cost will include processing fees and transferring fees into another program with different start or length stay.  Participants that want to stay longer than the specified program that has been booked, can do so but we will charge a fee of $250 dollars to make the transfer and process this change.


Personal Risk

Participants coming to Peru or any other destinations will be at any travel risks that may arise. Participants will need to use common judgment and be alert when travelling. Travel risks can sometimes be a hassle but the more information a participants has on destination country, the more safe and smart you will be about travel risks. Programs abroad is not responsible to any travel risks that may happen throughout your travels such as: issues with co-workers and host families, theft, damaged or lost items, medical bills, injuries from excursions or on days off or any other risks that are not within our program guidelines. Participants with disabilities need to let us know so we can better accommodate them, in order, to avoid any travel risks while their stay in the country.  If said participants, suffer any of the above, we are not held responsible.  In case of any type of events, such as natural disasters, death, personal injuries, civil wars or uprising, damaged or lost items, Programs abroad will not be held responsible for any of the events mentioned above.


Equal Opportunity

 We are an equal opportunity organization that accepts students from all backgrounds and genders. We do not discriminate any students according to race, gender, sexuality or lifestyle.  Participants must follow Peru’s laws and regulations according to law, follow guidelines established by Programs Abroad and host families.  Drug use is not acceptable by our organization, the use of drugs will be an immediate expulsion from your program and no refund will be given.  Alcohol use is set according to local laws.  Participants will be advised to use common judgment with alcohol use when not working within our programs on their days off.  Any misuse of alcohol will be an immediate expulsion from the program and no refund will be given.  


Criminal Background

We reserve the right, to ask for a criminal back ground check, depending on the participants’ situation.  Any participant who does not pass the criminal background check will not be accepted into our programs.  For volunteers that are minors, we will not require a criminal background but we will require parental consent to participate in our programs.


Host family stays

 Volunteers need to act according to the local customs and traditions of the host family.   Participants will need to follow host family guidelines while staying with them this can included the following: no parties, having friends or partner sleep over and making loud out during sleeping hours.



  • Participants need to notify one of our staff members when an emergency arises. If any participant decides to leave the program entirely, they will need to let one of our staff members know to process this change and no refund will be given.
  • Programs Abroad has the rights to take any photo, video or social media related items for organization purposes.
  • Participants will act accordingly to local laws and will be advise to follow them.
  • Programs abroad function is to students with local institutions, we are not held responsible for any misconduct during your program within any institution. 
  • Participants are responsible to act accordingly when travelling to any excursions outside or days off within our programs.  Programs Abroad will not be held responsible to any events that may happen to participants during their excursions or days off.


Child Protection Policy

Young adults can be admitted to one of our programs, if a parent or guardian is accompanying them, this also applies to groups wanting to do volunteering, internship or Spanish courses; a parent or guardian must accompany the young adults during their program.         


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