Variety of Programs

Variety of Programs

Programs abroad offers many programs and projects within many fields and areas such as teaching, healthcare, construction, and conservation among others. Our programs and projects are available to start every Monday of each month throughout the year. We have created these programs and projects to cater to the volunteers' needs.

We match volunteers according to their skills and experience in some cases, to allow them to work best within the program or project of their choosing. Our programs and projects make it easy for volunteers to immerse in the local surroundings with support from our staff.


We offer the following programs to volunteers:

Teaching, Childcare, Sports, Elderly care, Medical and Healthcare, Special Needs care, Agriculture and Farming, Animal Care and Wildlife, Construction and Renovation, and Environment and Conservation.


We offer the following programs for interns:

Medical and Healthcare, Elective for medical students, Gastronomy, Hospitality and TourismLaw and Human rights, Micro Business, Journalism, Veterinarian medicine, and  Archaeology.


We offer the following programs for students who want to learn Spanish:

Spanish courses, Business Spanish, Medical Spanish and our student are fully immerse in the programs.


We also offer programs catering to spring, summer, and winter breakers, high school students, graduate and current and retired professionals.


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