Animal Care / Wildlife


Role:  Volunteers will assist local professionals and staff at local clinics and shelters with treatments and caring for animals. Volunteers will also work with homeless animals for help get them ready to go to forever homes.


  • Be 18 or older
  • Have a strong interest in wanting to work with animals or related field


Project Description:

Programs Abroad works with local veterinaries to support and inform the public on caring for pets and spay/neuter programs. Volunteers will help with stray animal campaigns and spay/ neuter campaigns to create awareness towards the public. These projects not only help animals that require care and love but also teaches the public about how to care for them. Undeveloped countries are not to open in animal awareness projects, as their attitudes towards them are not too positive.  Volunteers will learn through local veterinaries, how to address the public on these topics and incorporate them into the local projects, they will be working on.



What other requirements do I need?  

Apart from the basic requirements above, we do not have any other requirements for working with animals. However, we do recommend you are open to the following:

  • Knowing the local language is imperative to be able to communicate with local coworkers and the public
  • Volunteers need to treat all animals in a humane way
  • Always be open-minded, caring and patient towards animals and the public
  • Be open to working as a team with local professionals


Start Dates

Our programs are available year-round in different locations worldwide. Changes to programs will depend on local holidays and climate (such as rainy season in a specific region). For more information on starting dates for a specific location, please contact us at the following: If you have enrolled or have an application in progress, you can contact your volunteer advisor.


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