Environment / Conservation


Role: Volunteers will be assisting local professionals in the vary of conservation projects. Projects at will focus on preserving the local flora and fauna, research and be collecting data, reforestation, educating the locals on the importance of conservation.


  • Be 18 or older
  • Have a strong interest working in environment or conservation projects

Project Description

Programs Abroad works with the government and local professionals on the conservation of species vulnerable to extinction. Volunteers will work in rural areas participating in reforesting projects, conversation projects, and environmental projects. These projects will include educating the locals about the importance of the conservation of our environment and its fellow inhabitants. Volunteers will gain valuable experience in how to protect the world we live in by committing themselves to the effort of saving the wonderful species and habitats in our world.

What other requirements do I need?

Apart from the basic requirements above, we do not have any other requirements. However, we do recommend you are open to the following:

  • Knowing the local language is imperative to be able to communicate with others.
  • Volunteers should treat their surroundings with respect and in a humane matter.
  • Be creative in how you will do your role in the projects.
  • Always be open-minded, and respectful towards everyone you will work with
  • Be open to working as a team with local professionals

Start Dates

Our programs are available year-round in different locations worldwide.Changes to programs will depend on local holidays and climate (such as rainy season in a specific region). For more information on starting dates for a specific location, please contact us at the following: If you have enrolled or have an application in progress, you can contact your volunteer advisor.


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