Special Needs care


Role: Volunteers will assist local professionals in clinics, centers, and community outreach. Volunteers will be helping with special needs children care as part of a community outreach projects as well as inner city projects. Projects will include being a supportive role model for children, helping with daily routines, helping local professionals with activities and more.


  • Be 18 or older
  • Have a strong interest in working with special needs children

volunteer-abroad-spacial needs care

Program Description: Volunteers will work with local professionals within clinics to help with rehabilitation services.Volunteers will gain the experience by working with various special needs patients from different backgrounds. Volunteers help these patients improve their emotional, social and mental skills so they can have a better quality of daily living.


What other requirements do I need?

Apart from the basic requirements above, we do not have any other requirements. However, we do recommend you are open to the following:

  • Knowing the local language is imperative to be able to communicate with teachers, professionals and the children themselves.
  • Volunteers are more than welcomed to bring their own supplies as sometimes resources at centers, clinics, and community outreach are limited.
  • Always be open-minded, caring and patient towards the children
  • Be open to working as a team with local teachers and professionals


Start Dates

Our programs are available year-round in different locations worldwide. Changes to programs will depend on local holidays and climate (such as rainy season in a specific region). For more information on starting dates for a specific location, please contact us at the following: If you have enrolled or have an application in progress, you can contact your volunteer advisor.




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