Role: Volunteers will shadow physical education teachers and help local sports’ students enhance their skills.


  • Be in good physical condition and motivated
  • Have a strong interest working in sports field
  • Be 18 or older


Project Description:

Volunteers will be shadowing physical education teachers within local high-performance centers or institutions.The students, our volunteers will be working with are participating in a special government program to help further their physical performance skills while being supported to attend schools, as they come from very low-income families.This program will help volunteers motivate and dedicate themselves to helping others.

What other requirements do I need?  

Apart from the basic requirements above, we do not have any other requirements for working within sports. However, we do recommend you are open to the following:

  • Knowing the local language is imperative to be able to communicate.
  • Volunteers need to be respectful and patient with their students
  • Be creative in how you will do your role.
  • Be open to working as a team with local professionals


Start Dates

Our programs are available year-round in different locations worldwide. Changes to programs will depend on local holidays and climate (such as rainy season in a specific region). For more information on starting dates for a specific location, please contact us at the following: If you have enrolled or have an application in progress, you can contact your volunteer advisor.


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