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Programs abroad accepts volunteers from all walks of life to become part of an incredible experience volunteering abroad. Volunteers can be any age as long as they have the will and dedication to make a commitment to us. We provide various volunteer programs, some of which include, host family stays or separate accommodations. We offer extensive orientations to all new volunteers to help make their stay comfortable, incredible, and always a unique experience. The following are some of the things we offer to volunteers:

Staff support

We offer volunteers support from the very beginning of the application process to their departure. Our staff is locally based and always available 24/7 for any issues or concerns that volunteers may have at any time. Our staff local professionals experienced in their field of study and have knowledge of the local area.


  Volunteers will have basic training and orientation according to their program. Staff members will be helping volunteers will everything they will need during this process. Orientation usually takes about a week or so to complete but it is a necessary part to understand better your role within the program. Basic training will be according to the placed work location and should be followed. Any questions or concerns should be directed at our staff.

Programs and projects

Programs Abroad place volunteers into programs, depending on their application. Programs along with related projects are made to specifically focus on different areas. Volunteers, depending on experience or willingness, will be placed into these programs and projects to help with our goals. Volunteers should be aware that when applying to a program, they must be ready to make a commitment regardless of the length of stay. This not only shows professionalism but also the kind of commitment you will make towards others who need help.


We offer the following programs for volunteers:

Teaching, Childcare, Sports, Elderly care, Medical and Healthcare, Special Needs care, Agriculture and Farming, Animal Care and Wildlife, Construction and Renovation and Environment and Conservation.


We also offer spring break, summer break and winter break, programs for high school, Pre-college and college studentsgraduate students, and retired professionals.


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