What’s included within your program fee?

What’s included in your program fee?

 The following costs are included in program fees (which are standard for most except the Amazon program, which will differ depending on the length of stay):


If you choose to stay with a host family, the fee covers for meals (which will be three times per day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner). If you choose to stay at a separate accommodation, meals will not be provided or covered within the fee.  


We offer separate accommodation, for those who want to pay a bit more for more privacy. We also offer the host family experience, for those who want to fully immerse themselves in Peruvian culture. Host family stays are included within program fees.

Airport pick up

Depending upon flight details provided, we will coordinate your airport pick up and transfer you to your chosen accommodation. The same applies to your departure.


Part of programs fees will go towards local organizations and institutions for tutoring and resources they may require. We also have partnerships with local clinics, hospitals, centers, organizations, schools, which part of your program fee goes to in exchange to be placed within their facility.


  All participants will be supervised by one of our staff members during their first week of work. Check-ins will be on certain days to ensure participants are comfortable with their work and answer any concerns.


We offer volunteers 24/7 support on any issue or concern our participants may have. All of our staff is locally based and are available round the clock.  


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