Why pay to volunteer?

Why pay to volunteer?

Programs abroad is an independent organization that does not receive the support of outside benefactors. We get all of our funding from fees paid by volunteers and interns. Our organization arranges all program needs, this include program destination, stays, while making it a safe experience.Our programs are designed to fit each participant’s needs within the program of their choice. This includes program fees, recruitment fees, host family fees with meals included and fees to place volunteers within their work locations. 

Here is how each participants´ contributions are spread out:

Cost of recruitment:

This cost will involve all the marketing costs within our organization. This cost is about 12% of a participant’s budget. This is due to the time-consuming organization it takes our volunteer advisors and coordinators in different locations to recruitment potential volunteers, interns or professionals into our programs. These costs included the training our staff goes through to be able to function in a quick and professional matter.

Cost of our organizations:

 The cost of our organization involves government and local fees, will represent 30 %. This is due to the fact that running an organization is different locations requires lots of administration and economic controls along with its management. All of the professionals required for these tasks, receive an equal salary for their services.

Cost of volunteer programs:

Programs costs involve arrangement fees with local volunteer institutions, this would be 25% of the budget.  This includes direct and indirect costs of the participants' experience. We are always striving to achieve that our volunteers, interns, and Spanish student have the highest experience abroad. Therefore, we require all of our staff to get training on everything to do with customer service, volunteer management, and safety. Apart, from providing a salary up to staff member levels and rent and utility costs.

Cost of training and local staff:

   Training and local staff costs involve hiring fee, training fees, and related administrative fees, 11% goes towards this. We require all of our staff members to always be up to date on their training and customer service. We want to provide the best service towards our volunteers.


 Taxes will involve international banking fees, which are 5 %.

Our based locations in the country: 

   This will involve the cost to maintain a physical location, which will be 10%. It is hard enough to keep an organization running with the added factor of having many locations spread worldwide. This is why will require this fee towards renting costs, equipment and more.

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